Civic Members

Ron and Deanne Beard
Pamela Blake
Denise and Calvin Blanton
Jim and Julia Bratton
Kenny and Arlene Bryan
Chris Caward
Jim and Nora Cleaver
Beverly Collins
Diana Haggerty-Cooper
Susan Cox
Lorraine and Danny Granger
John Grose
Larry and Sharon Hobbs
Tamara and Dick Humphries
Steve and Paulette Kildow
Jim and Lynne King
Jeff and Jana Kiphart
Martin and Donna Koob
Patty and Denis Kuhn
Pam and Dave Luck
Jan Lynch
Marsha Madden
Larry and Rita Maple
Marilyn McBride
Amy and Chris McCurry
Maurice Mehling
Bob and Barb Miller
Steve Perry
Victor and Sharon Renfro
Ron and Pam Richardson
Rohn Rittenhouse
Kim and Karen Sayre
Barb Shafer
Debbie and Tom Smith
Bob and Janice Stinson
Don and Doris Swegman
Mark and Shannon Talmage
Connie and Mike Thomas
Nancy Thomas
Carol and Larry Walker
Clayton and Julia Whitson
Kyle and Corinne Williams
Gary and Diane Woodsides